Sunday, 7 December 2008

Zombie Town

They eat brains and get Guinness World Records

It’s not every day that you get to fumble your way through hundreds of undead zombies as Michael Jackson’s Thriller fills the air around you. But that’s just what happened on Friday 31st October as the residents of Nottingham marched on Market Square.

This exciting (and not to mention bizarre) event was one of the biggest highlights of GameCity this year. It was in fact a world record attempt for the 'Largest Gathering of Zombies' which took place on a very cold and cloudy Halloween. However, not even our traditional British weather could shrivel the spirits of registered zombies that day, as 1,227 dancing corpses managed to devour the previous world record of 1,124 set in the US last November. Ironically the official number could have been even higher but the organisers actually ran out of wristbands to register everyone.

After being driven into a frenzy by the usual Halloween themed mood-setters, American songwriter Jonathan Coulton arrived to encourage some customary zombie behaviour from the crowd. Before the afternoon was through the zombies of Nottingham began a mass chorus of Thriller with dance moves lead by a very flexible Cathy Faughey, that ended in fits of laughter and collapsing. Now after all that you’d be bound to have a little red on you, ay?

Hoping around trying not to get eaten, I took a lot more snaps of Nottingham zombies and you can check them out in our GameCity 3 Gallery.

Aaron Lee